Package org.bukkit

Class StructureType


public final class StructureType extends Object
This class handles the creation and storage of all structure types for Bukkit. Structure Types are the different kinds of structures that can be generated during world/chunk generation. These include Villages, Mineshafts, Mansions, etc.
The registration of new StructureTypes is case-sensitive.
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      public static final StructureType MINESHAFT
      Mineshafts are underground structures which consist of branching mining tunnels with wooden supports and broken rails.
      They are the only place where cave spider spawners and minecarts with chests can be found naturally.

      public static final StructureType VILLAGE
      Villages are naturally generating structures that form above ground.
      They are usually generated in desert, plains, taiga, and savanna biomes and are a site for villager spawns, with whom the player can trade.

      public static final StructureType NETHER_FORTRESS
      Nether fortresses are very large complexes that mainly consist of netherbricks.
      They contain blaze spawners, nether wart farms, and loot chests. They are only generated in the nether dimension.

      public static final StructureType STRONGHOLD
      Strongholds are underground structures that consist of many rooms, libraries, and an end portal room.
      They can be found using an Material.ENDER_EYE.

      public static final StructureType JUNGLE_PYRAMID
      Jungle pyramids (also known as jungle temples) are found in jungles.
      They are usually composed of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. They consist of three floors, with the bottom floor containing treasure chests.

      public static final StructureType OCEAN_RUIN
      Ocean ruins are clusters of many different blocks that generate underwater in ocean biomes (as well as on the surface of beaches).
      They come in my different variations. The cold variants consist primarily of stone brick, and the warm variants consist of sandstone.

      public static final StructureType DESERT_PYRAMID
      Desert pyramids (also known as desert temples) are found in deserts.
      They are usually composed of sandstone and stained terracotta.
    • IGLOO

      public static final StructureType IGLOO
      Igloos are structures that generate in snowy biomes.
      They consist of the house, as well as a basement.

      public static final StructureType SWAMP_HUT
      Swamp huts (also known as witch huts) generate in swamp biomes and have the ability to spawn witches.

      public static final StructureType OCEAN_MONUMENT
      Ocean monuments are underwater structures.
      They are usually composed on all three different prismarine types and sea lanterns. They are the only place guardians and elder guardians spawn naturally.
    • END_CITY

      public static final StructureType END_CITY
      End Cities are tall castle-like structures that generate in the outer island of the End dimension.
      They consist primarily of end stone bricks, purpur blocks, and end rods. They are the only place where shulkers can be found.

      public static final StructureType WOODLAND_MANSION
      Mansions (also known as woodland mansions) are massive house structures that generate in dark forests, containing a wide variety of rooms.
      They are the only place where evokers, vindicators, and vexes spawn naturally (but only once)

      public static final StructureType BURIED_TREASURE
      Buried treasure consists of a single chest buried in the beach sand or gravel, with random loot in it.

      public static final StructureType SHIPWRECK
      Shipwrecks are structures that generate on the floor of oceans or beaches.
      They are made up of wood materials, and contain 1-3 loot chests. They can generate sideways, upside-down, or upright.

      public static final StructureType PILLAGER_OUTPOST
      Pillager outposts may contain crossbows.

      public static final StructureType NETHER_FOSSIL
      Nether fossils.

      public static final StructureType RUINED_PORTAL
      Ruined portal.

      public static final StructureType BASTION_REMNANT
      Bastion remnant.
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