Package org.bukkit

Enum Class TreeType

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<TreeType>, Constable

public enum TreeType extends Enum<TreeType>
Tree and organic structure types.
  • Enum Constant Details

    • TREE

      public static final TreeType TREE
      Regular tree, no branches
    • BIG_TREE

      public static final TreeType BIG_TREE
      Regular tree, extra tall with branches

      public static final TreeType REDWOOD
      Redwood tree, shaped like a pine tree

      public static final TreeType TALL_REDWOOD
      Tall redwood tree with just a few leaves at the top
    • BIRCH

      public static final TreeType BIRCH
      Birch tree
    • JUNGLE

      public static final TreeType JUNGLE
      Standard jungle tree; 4 blocks wide and tall

      public static final TreeType SMALL_JUNGLE
      Smaller jungle tree; 1 block wide

      public static final TreeType COCOA_TREE
      Jungle tree with cocoa plants; 1 block wide

      public static final TreeType JUNGLE_BUSH
      Small bush that grows in the jungle

      public static final TreeType RED_MUSHROOM
      Big red mushroom; short and fat

      public static final TreeType BROWN_MUSHROOM
      Big brown mushroom; tall and umbrella-like
    • SWAMP

      public static final TreeType SWAMP
      Swamp tree (regular with vines on the side)
    • ACACIA

      public static final TreeType ACACIA
      Acacia tree.
    • DARK_OAK

      public static final TreeType DARK_OAK
      Dark Oak tree.

      public static final TreeType MEGA_REDWOOD
      Mega redwood tree; 4 blocks wide and tall

      public static final TreeType TALL_BIRCH
      Tall birch tree

      public static final TreeType CHORUS_PLANT
      Large plant native to The End

      public static final TreeType CRIMSON_FUNGUS
      Large crimson fungus native to the nether

      public static final TreeType WARPED_FUNGUS
      Large warped fungus native to the nether
  • Method Details

    • values

      public static TreeType[] values()
      Returns an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared.
      an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared
    • valueOf

      public static TreeType valueOf(String name)
      Returns the enum constant of this class with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this class. (Extraneous whitespace characters are not permitted.)
      name - the name of the enum constant to be returned.
      the enum constant with the specified name
      IllegalArgumentException - if this enum class has no constant with the specified name
      NullPointerException - if the argument is null