Class InventoryClickEvent

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CraftItemEvent, InventoryCreativeEvent, SmithItemEvent

public class InventoryClickEvent extends InventoryInteractEvent
This event is called when a player clicks in an inventory.

Because InventoryClickEvent occurs within a modification of the Inventory, not all Inventory related methods are safe to use.

The following should never be invoked by an EventHandler for InventoryClickEvent using the HumanEntity or InventoryView associated with this event:

To invoke one of these methods, schedule a task using BukkitScheduler.runTask(Plugin, Runnable), which will run the task on the next tick. Also be aware that this is not an exhaustive list, and other methods could potentially create issues as well.

Assuming the EntityHuman associated with this event is an instance of a Player, manipulating the MaxStackSize or contents of an Inventory will require an Invocation of Player.updateInventory().

Modifications to slots that are modified by the results of this InventoryClickEvent can be overwritten. To change these slots, this event should be cancelled and all desired changes to the inventory applied. Alternatively, scheduling a task using BukkitScheduler.runTask( Plugin, Runnable), which would execute the task on the next tick, would work as well.

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  • Method Details

    • getSlotType

      Gets the type of slot that was clicked.
      the slot type
    • getCursor

      @Nullable public @Nullable ItemStack getCursor()
      Gets the current ItemStack on the cursor.
      the cursor ItemStack
    • getCurrentItem

      @Nullable public @Nullable ItemStack getCurrentItem()
      Gets the ItemStack currently in the clicked slot.
      the item in the clicked
    • isRightClick

      public boolean isRightClick()
      Gets whether or not the ClickType for this event represents a right click.
      true if the ClickType uses the right mouse button.
      See Also:
    • isLeftClick

      public boolean isLeftClick()
      Gets whether or not the ClickType for this event represents a left click.
      true if the ClickType uses the left mouse button.
      See Also:
    • isShiftClick

      public boolean isShiftClick()
      Gets whether the ClickType for this event indicates that the key was pressed down when the click was made.
      true if the ClickType uses Shift or Ctrl.
      See Also:
    • setCursor

      @Deprecated public void setCursor(@Nullable @Nullable ItemStack stack)
      This changes the ItemStack in their hand before any calculations are applied to the Inventory, which has a tendency to create inconsistencies between the Player and the server, and to make unexpected changes in the behavior of the clicked Inventory.
      Sets the item on the cursor.
      stack - the new cursor item
    • setCurrentItem

      public void setCurrentItem(@Nullable @Nullable ItemStack stack)
      Sets the ItemStack currently in the clicked slot.
      stack - the item to be placed in the current slot
    • getClickedInventory

      @Nullable public @Nullable Inventory getClickedInventory()
      Gets the inventory corresponding to the clicked slot.
      inventory, or null if clicked outside
      See Also:
    • getSlot

      public int getSlot()
      The slot number that was clicked, ready for passing to Inventory.getItem(int). Note that there may be two slots with the same slot number, since a view links two different inventories.
      The slot number.
    • getRawSlot

      public int getRawSlot()
      The raw slot number clicked, ready for passing to #getItem(int) This slot number is unique for the view.
      the slot number
    • getHotbarButton

      public int getHotbarButton()
      If the ClickType is NUMBER_KEY, this method will return the index of the pressed key (0-8).
      the number on the key minus 1 (range 0-8); or -1 if not a NUMBER_KEY action
    • getAction

      @NotNull public @NotNull InventoryAction getAction()
      Gets the InventoryAction that triggered this event.

      This action cannot be changed, and represents what the normal outcome of the event will be. To change the behavior of this InventoryClickEvent, changes must be manually applied.

      the InventoryAction that triggered this event.
    • getClick

      @NotNull public @NotNull ClickType getClick()
      Gets the ClickType for this event.

      This is insulated against changes to the inventory by other plugins.

      the type of inventory click
    • getHandlers

      @NotNull public @NotNull HandlerList getHandlers()
      getHandlers in class InventoryEvent
    • getHandlerList

      @NotNull public static @NotNull HandlerList getHandlerList()