Package org.bukkit.util

package org.bukkit.util
Multi and single purpose classes to facilitate various programmatic concepts.
  • Interface Summary
    This is a cached version of a server-icon.
    Represents an operation that accepts a single input argument and returns no result.
  • Class Summary
    This class performs ray tracing and iterates along blocks on a line
    A vector with a hash function that floors the X, Y, Z components, a la BlockVector in WorldEdit.
    A mutable axis aligned bounding box (AABB).
    The ChatPaginator takes a raw string of arbitrary length and breaks it down into an array of strings appropriate for displaying on the Minecraft player console.
    EulerAngle is used to represent 3 angles, one for each axis (x, y, z).
    Class containing file utilities
    Utils for casting number types to other number types
    The hit result of a ray trace.
    Represents a mutable vector.