Package io.papermc.paper.threadedregions.scheduler

package io.papermc.paper.threadedregions.scheduler
  • Class
    Scheduler that may be used by plugins to schedule tasks to execute asynchronously from the server tick process.
    An entity can move between worlds with an arbitrary tick delay, be temporarily removed for players (i.e end credits), be partially removed from world state (i.e inactive but not removed), teleport between ticking regions, teleport between worlds, and even be removed entirely from the server.
    The global region task scheduler may be used to schedule tasks that will execute on the global region.
    The region task scheduler can be used to schedule tasks by location to be executed on the region which owns the location.
    Represents a task scheduled to a scheduler.
    Represents the result of attempting to cancel a task.
    Represents the current execution state of the task.