Specific BlockData classes relevant to only a given block or set of blocks.
  • Class
    'leaves' represents the size of the leaves on this bamboo block.
    Bamboo leaf size.
    Similar to Bisected, 'part' denotes which half of the bed this block corresponds to.
    Horizontal half of a bed.
    'honey_level' represents the amount of honey stored in the hive.
    'attachment' denotes how the bell is attached to its block.
    What the bell is attached to.
    'tilt' indicates how far the leaf is tilted.
    The tilt of a leaf.
    Interface to the 'has_bottle_0', 'has_bottle_1', 'has_bottle_2' flags on a brewing stand which indicate which bottles are rendered on the outside.
    'drag' indicates whether a force will be applied on entities moving through this block.
    'bites' represents the amount of bites which have been taken from this slice of cake.
    'signal_fire' denotes whether the fire is extra smokey due to having a hay bale placed beneath it.
    'candles' represents the number of candles which are present.
    'berries' indicates whether the block has berries.
    'type' represents which part of a double chest this block is, or if it is a single chest.
    Type of this chest block.
    Interface to the 'slot_0_occupied', 'slow_1_occupied' ...
    'conditional' denotes whether this command block is conditional or not, i.e.
    'mode' indicates what mode this comparator will operate in.
    The mode in which a comparator will operate in.
    'orientation' is the direction the block is facing.
    The directions the Crafter can be oriented.
    'inverted' denotes whether this daylight detector is in the inverted mode, i.e.
    Similar to Powerable, 'triggered' indicates whether or not the dispenser is currently activated.
    'hinge' indicates which hinge this door is attached to and will rotate around when opened.
    The hinge of a door.
    'eye' denotes whether this end portal frame has been activated by having an eye of ender placed in it.
    The 'moisture' level of farmland indicates how close it is to a water source (if any).
    md_5's mixtape.
    'in_wall' indicates if the fence gate is attached to a wall, and if true the texture is lowered by a small amount to blend in better.
    Similar to Powerable, 'enabled' indicates whether or not the hopper is currently activated.
    'orientation' is the direction the block is facing.
    The directions the Jigsaw can be oriented.
    'has_record' is a quick flag to check whether this jukebox has a record inside it.
    'persistent' indicates whether or not leaves will be checked by the server to see if they are subject to decay or not.
    'has_book' is a quick flag to check whether this lectern has a book inside it.
    'instrument' is the type of sound made when this note block is activated.
    'flower_amount' represents the number of petals.
    'extended' denotes whether the piston head is currently extended or not.
    'short' denotes this piston head is shorter than the usual amount because it is currently retracting.
    'thickness' represents the dripstone thickness.
    Represents the thickness of the dripstone, corresponding to its position within a multi-block dripstone formation.
    A type of minecart rail which interacts with redstone in one way or another.
    'north', 'east', 'south', 'west' represent the types of connections this redstone wire has to adjacent blocks.
    The way in which a redstone wire can connect to an adjacent block face.
    'delay' is the propagation delay of a repeater, i.e.
    'charges' represents the amount of times the anchor may still be used.
    'stage' represents the growth stage of a sapling.
    'bottom' indicates whether the scaffolding is floating or not.
    'bloom' indicates whether the sculk catalyst is actively spreading the sculk or not.
    'sculk_sensor_phase' indicates the current operational phase of the sensor.
    The Phase of the sensor.
    'can_summon' indicates whether the sculk shrieker can summon the warden.
    'pickles' indicates the number of pickles in this block.
    'type' represents what state the slab is in - either top, bottom, or a double slab occupying the full block.
    The type of the slab.
    'layers' represents the amount of layers of snow which are present in this block.
    'shape' represents the texture and bounding box shape of these stairs.
    The shape of a stair block - used for constructing corners.
    'mode' represents the different modes in which this structure block may operate.
    Operating mode of a structure block.
    'type' represents the type of piston which this (technical) block corresponds to.
    Different piston variants.
    'unstable' indicates whether this TNT will explode on punching.
    'trial_spawner_state' indicates the current operational phase of the spawner.
    'disarmed' denotes that the tripwire was broken with shears and will not subsequently produce a current when destroyed.
    'eggs' is the number of eggs which appear in this block.
    'vault_state' indicates the current operational phase of the vault block.
    This class encompasses the 'north', 'east', 'south', 'west', height flags which are used to set the height of a wall.
    The different heights a face of a wall may have.