Package org.bukkit.scoreboard

package org.bukkit.scoreboard
Interfaces used to manage the client side score display system.
  • Class
    Represents a scoreboard criteria, either custom or built-in to the Minecraft server, used to keep track of and manually or automatically change scores on a scoreboard.
    use the constants declared in Criteria instead
    Locations for displaying objectives to the player
    replaced by Team.OptionStatus
    An objective on a scoreboard that can show scores specific to entries.
    Controls the way in which an Objective is rendered client side.
    A score entry for an entry on an objective.
    A scoreboard
    Manager of Scoreboards
    A team on a scoreboard that has a common display theme and other properties.
    Represents an option which may be applied to this team.
    How an option may be applied to members of this team.