Interface ResourcePackInfo

  • public interface ResourcePackInfo
    • Method Detail

      • getUrl

        String getUrl()
        Gets the link the resource-pack can be found at.
        the location of the resource-pack
      • getPrompt

        @Nullable Component getPrompt()
        Gets the Component that is displayed on the resource-pack prompt. This is only displayed if the client version is 1.17 or newer.
        the prompt if present or null otherwise
      • getShouldForce

        boolean getShouldForce()
        Gets whether or not the acceptance of the resource-pack is enforced. See ResourcePackInfo.Builder.setShouldForce(boolean) for more information.
        whether or not to force usage of this resource-pack
      • getHash

        @org.checkerframework.checker.nullness.qual.Nullable byte[] getHash()
        Gets the SHA-1 hash of the resource-pack See ResourcePackInfo.Builder.setHash(byte[]) for more information.
        the hash if present or null otherwise