velocity-api 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT API

Provides a command framework.
Provides core support for handling events with Velocity.
Provides events for handling incoming connections to the proxy and logins.
Provides events to handle setting up permissions for permission subjects.
Provides events for handling actions performed by players.
Provides events for handling the lifecycle of the proxy.
Provides events for handling GS4 queries.
Provides the basic building blocks for a custom permission system.
Provides the Velocity plugin API.
Provides annotations to handle injecting dependencies for plugins.
Provides metadata for plugins.
Provides an interface to interact with the proxy at a low level.
Provides an interface to receive, handle, and send plugin messages on the proxy from clients and servers.
Provides an interface to work with players connected to the proxy.
Provides utilities to handle server information.
Provides utilities for scheduling tasks with a fluent builder.
Provides a selection of miscellaneous utilities for use by plugins and the proxy.