Interface EventTask

  • public interface EventTask
    Represents a task that can be returned by a EventHandler which allows event handling to be suspended and resumed at a later time, and executing event handlers completely or partially asynchronously.

    Compatibility notice: While in Velocity 3.0.0, all event handlers still execute asynchronously (to preserve backwards compatibility), this will not be the case in future versions of Velocity. Please prepare your code by using continuations or returning an instance returned by async(Runnable).

    • Method Detail

      • requiresAsync

        boolean requiresAsync()
        Whether this EventTask is required to be called asynchronously.

        If this method returns true, the event task is guaranteed to be executed asynchronously from the current thread. Otherwise, the event task may be executed on the current thread or asynchronously.

        Requires async
      • async

        static EventTask async​(Runnable task)
        Creates a basic async EventTask from the given Runnable. The task is guaranteed to be executed asynchronously (requiresAsync() always returns true).
        task - The task
        The async event task
      • withContinuation

        static EventTask withContinuation​(Consumer<Continuation> task)
        Creates a continuation based EventTask from the given Consumer. The task isn't guaranteed to be executed asynchronously (requiresAsync() always returns false).
        task - The task to execute
        The event task
      • resumeWhenComplete

        static EventTask resumeWhenComplete​(CompletableFuture<?> future)
        Creates a continuation based EventTask for the given CompletableFuture. The continuation is resumed upon completion of the given future, whether it is completed successfully or not.
        future - The task to wait for
        The event task