Class TabCompleteEvent


public class TabCompleteEvent extends Object
This event is fired after a tab complete response is sent by the remote server, for clients on 1.12.2 and below. You have the opportunity to modify the response sent to the remote player. Velocity will wait for this event to finish firing before sending the tab complete results to the client. Be sure to be as fast as possible, since the client will freeze while it waits for the tab complete results.
  • Constructor Details

    • TabCompleteEvent

      public TabCompleteEvent(Player player, String partialMessage, List<String> suggestions)
      Constructs a new TabCompleteEvent instance.
      player - the player
      partialMessage - the partial message
      suggestions - the initial list of suggestions
  • Method Details

    • getPlayer

      public Player getPlayer()
      Returns the player requesting the tab completion.
      the requesting player
    • getPartialMessage

      public String getPartialMessage()
      Returns the message being partially completed.
      the partial message
    • getSuggestions

      public List<String> getSuggestions()
      Returns all the suggestions provided to the user, as a mutable list.
      the suggestions
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object