Class ProxyQueryEvent

  • @AwaitingEvent
    public final class ProxyQueryEvent
    extends Object
    This event is fired if proxy is getting queried over GS4 Query protocol. Velocity will wait on this event to fire before providing a response to the client.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProxyQueryEvent

        public ProxyQueryEvent​(ProxyQueryEvent.QueryType queryType,
                               InetAddress querierAddress,
                               QueryResponse response)
        Creates a new event.
        queryType - the type of query
        querierAddress - the remote address for the query
        response - the current query response
    • Method Detail

      • getQueryType

        public ProxyQueryEvent.QueryType getQueryType()
        Returns the kind of query the remote client is performing.
        query type
      • getQuerierAddress

        public InetAddress getQuerierAddress()
        Get the address of the client that sent this query.
        querier address
      • getResponse

        public QueryResponse getResponse()
        Returns the current query response.
        the current query response
      • setResponse

        public void setResponse​(QueryResponse response)
        Sets a new query response.
        response - the new non-null query response