Interface ServerConnection

All Superinterfaces:
ChannelMessageSink, ChannelMessageSource

public interface ServerConnection extends ChannelMessageSource, ChannelMessageSink
Represents a connection to a backend server from the proxy for a client.
  • Method Details

    • getServer

      RegisteredServer getServer()
      Returns the server that this connection is connected to.
      the server this connection is connected to
    • getPreviousServer

      Optional<RegisteredServer> getPreviousServer()
      Returns the server that the player associated with this connection was connected to before switching to this connection.
      the server the player was connected to.
    • getServerInfo

      ServerInfo getServerInfo()
      Returns the server info for this connection.
      the server info for this connection
    • getPlayer

      Player getPlayer()
      Returns the player that this connection is associated with.
      the player for this connection