Interface ProxyConfig

public interface ProxyConfig
Exposes certain proxy configuration information that plugins may use.
  • Method Details

    • isQueryEnabled

      boolean isQueryEnabled()
      Whether GameSpy 4 queries are accepted by the proxy.
      queries enabled
    • getQueryPort

      int getQueryPort()
      Get the port GameSpy 4 queries are accepted on.
      the query port
    • getQueryMap

      String getQueryMap()
      Get the map name reported to GameSpy 4 query services.
      the map name
    • shouldQueryShowPlugins

      boolean shouldQueryShowPlugins()
      Whether GameSpy 4 queries should show plugins installed on Velocity by default.
      show plugins in query
    • getMotd

      Component getMotd()
      Get the MOTD component shown in the tab list.
      the motd component
    • getShowMaxPlayers

      int getShowMaxPlayers()
      Get the maximum players shown in the tab list.
      max players
    • isOnlineMode

      boolean isOnlineMode()
      Get whether the proxy is online mode. This determines if players are authenticated with Mojang. servers.
      online mode enabled
    • shouldPreventClientProxyConnections

      boolean shouldPreventClientProxyConnections()
      If client's ISP/AS sent from this proxy is different from the one from Mojang's authentication server, the player is kicked. This disallows some VPN and proxy connections but is a weak form of protection.
      whether to prevent client proxy connections by checking the IP with Mojang servers
    • getServers

      Map<String,String> getServers()
      Get a Map of all servers registered in velocity.toml. This method does not return all the servers currently in memory, although in most cases it does. For a view of all registered servers, see ProxyServer.getAllServers().
      registered servers map
    • getAttemptConnectionOrder

      List<String> getAttemptConnectionOrder()
      Get the order of servers that players will be connected to.
      connection order list
    • getForcedHosts

      Map<String,List<String>> getForcedHosts()
      Get forced servers mapped to a given virtual host.
      list of server names
    • getCompressionThreshold

      int getCompressionThreshold()
      Get the minimum compression threshold for packets.
      the compression threshold
    • getCompressionLevel

      int getCompressionLevel()
      Get the level of compression that packets will be compressed to.
      the compression level
    • getLoginRatelimit

      int getLoginRatelimit()
      Get the limit for how long a player must wait to log back in.
      the login rate limit (in milliseconds)
    • getFavicon

      Optional<Favicon> getFavicon()
      Get the proxy favicon shown in the tablist.
      optional favicon
    • isAnnounceForge

      boolean isAnnounceForge()
      Get whether this proxy displays that it supports Forge/FML.
      forge announce enabled
    • getConnectTimeout

      int getConnectTimeout()
      Get how long this proxy will wait for a connection to be established before timing it out.
      connection timeout (in milliseconds)
    • getReadTimeout

      int getReadTimeout()
      Get how long this proxy will wait until performing a read timeout.
      read timeout (in milliseconds)