Interface PlayerSettings

public interface PlayerSettings
Represents the client settings for the player.
  • Method Details

    • getLocale

      Locale getLocale()
      Returns the locale of the Minecraft client.
      the client locale
    • getViewDistance

      byte getViewDistance()
      Returns the client's view distance. This does not guarantee the client will see this many chunks, since your servers are responsible for sending the chunks.
      the client view distance
    • getChatMode

      Returns the chat setting for the client.
      the chat setting
    • hasChatColors

      boolean hasChatColors()
      Returns whether or not the client has chat colors disabled.
      whether or not the client has chat colors disabled
    • getSkinParts

      SkinParts getSkinParts()
      Returns the parts of player skins the client will show.
      the skin parts for the client
    • getMainHand

      Returns the primary hand of the client.
      the primary hand of the client
    • isClientListingAllowed

      boolean isClientListingAllowed()
      Returns whether the client explicitly allows listing on the TabList or not in anonymous TabList mode. This feature was introduced in 1.18.
      whether or not the client explicitly allows listing. Always false on older clients.