Interface ResourcePackInfo.Builder

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public static interface ResourcePackInfo.Builder
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    • setShouldForce

      ResourcePackInfo.Builder setShouldForce(boolean shouldForce)
      Sets the resource-pack as required to play on the network. This feature was introduced in 1.17. Setting this to true has one of two effects: If the client is on 1.17 or newer: - The resource-pack prompt will display without a decline button - Accept or disconnect are the only available options but players may still press escape. - Forces the resource-pack offer prompt to display even if the player has previously declined or disabled resource packs - The player will be disconnected from the network if they close/skip the prompt. If the client is on a version older than 1.17: - If the player accepts the resource pack or has previously accepted a resource-pack then nothing else will happen. - If the player declines the resource pack or has previously declined a resource-pack the player will be disconnected from the network
      shouldForce - whether or not to force the client to accept the resource pack
    • setHash

      ResourcePackInfo.Builder setHash(@org.checkerframework.checker.nullness.qual.Nullable byte[] hash)
      Sets the SHA-1 hash of the provided resource pack. Note: It is recommended to always set this hash. If this hash is not set/ not present then the client will always download the resource pack even if it may still be cached. By having this hash present, the client will check first whether or not a resource pack by this hash is cached before downloading.
      hash - the SHA-1 hash of the resource-pack
    • setPrompt

      ResourcePackInfo.Builder setPrompt(@Nullable Component prompt)
      Sets a Component to display on the download prompt. This will only display if the client version is 1.17 or newer.
      prompt - the component to display
    • build

      Builds the ResourcePackInfo from the provided info for use with Player.sendResourcePackOffer(ResourcePackInfo). Note: Some features may be version-dependent. Check before use.
      a ResourcePackInfo instance from the provided information